Investigating Travel and Tourism

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1Unit 1

Investigating travel and tourism

For this assessment I have to describe components of the travel and tourism industry. Must give examples of domestic, inbound and outbound. To able to do this assessment I had to use variety of different research

Methods: in order to do this assignment I have to research and the method I used was following: * Brochures, leaflets and other printed materials
* Websites and online marketing
* Press and public relations work
* Tourist information centres
Work in groups and present the information you find as a display or PowerPoint presentation.

Travel and tourism being the movement of people form one place to another by using different types of transport.

* Inbound:
Inbound is for those travelling to your country from abroad this include tour operators, Inbound tour operators is direct their marking towards tourist overseas who want to visit the UK will not be familiar with these as their advertising and promotional material is targeted at other countries and these will include guide and coach.

* Outbound:
Outbound is for those people who traveling outside the own country. Outbound tour operator are the ones that we are most familiar with, they package holiday for tourist who are travelling form the UK to European and worldwide destination they may be mass- market or independent operators such as Thomas cook, Air tours, First choice and Thomson.

* Domestic:
Domestic is for those people who travelling within their own country such as Domestic tour operators package holiday within the UK for UK resident, they my include coach companies which place advertisements in the local newspaper like outbound operators they offer beach, city, touring and special- interest holidays

Example: for a UK domestic tourist this would include holiday and short breaks in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Some people can’t imagine life without traveling whatever the reason is, traveling is a part of people’s life. We all travel and there are different reasons why people travel.

Leisure tourism * Holiday * Short breaks * Sport * Education * Culture and religion | Visiting friends * Long holiday * Short breaks * Day visits| Business tourism * Business meetings * Conferences * Exhibitions and trade fairs * Incentive travel | Holiday * A short break to Spain * A two weeks, family holiday to Lisbon * A trip to theme park in Italy one of the best theme parks in Italy. | Health and fitness * A walking tour of the Andes * A cycling holiday in Paris | Sport * A weekend break to * Visiting | Education * College trip for one week | Culture and religion * Christian project trip for two weeks| |


* Accommodation
Is usually a place with people stay when there are going for holiday. Also there are many different types of accommodation available in travel and tourism industry such as:

Most of the hotel are independently owned group who encompass several chains within them, different types of customers this means that the owner pays for the right to use the hotel name like: Crowne plaza, Express by holiday inn and Ataybridge suite.

Accommodation may be in Holiday Park or in rented apartment or houses with cooking facilities also self-catering can be a star – rated from one to five, the more stars awards to an establishment, the higher the level of quality the high the service can offer.

Youth hostels
The youth hostels is usually a charity serving the needs of the young people, runs youth hostess in the country, however they is not only young people can adult also can be a member, it is very cheap some of the young hostels can have high standard almost like a hotel.

Serviced accommodation
Service accommodation may include hotels,...
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