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The house of jute made goodies

My plan is to trade jute made products, like sofa set,garments,toys,jewelleries,and so on. Sonali means golden in Bangla, as jute(paat) is known to be the world’s golden fiber[?], and is completely bio-degradable and environment-friendly crop, and is the National crop of Bangladesh as she grows the world’s highest amount of jute, it is a rapid growing bio-mass and photo-reactive crop which grows within just 120 days of harvesting period[?]. And konchi traditionally means jute stick. So I chose this name to attract my desired targeted consumers, then successfully and progressively accomplish my aims and objectives

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*Aim of Sonali|Konchi® is to become Country’s highest grossing and highest profit making ,jute made products company,and its goal is to provide the rarest, best ,uncommon and has the aim to break the break-even point within a shortest period of time,and is going to have the highest number of branches all over Bangladesh and in the world in future. Other competitors of the business has no accreditations nor certifications of BSTI (Bangladesh standard testing institute),nor ISO(International Standard Organization) ,whereas my company has both of them,Also gives 3 months guarantee+warranty with applied conditions. My company advertised almost in all Newspapers and distributed leaflets Bangladesh, Also gave an advert in even [pic] Bundles of jute, showing the fibres of Corchorus olitorius (tossa jute fibre) and Corchorus capsularis (white jute fibre)[?]

My company will make lesser profit on household jute products such as jute made ropes,shopping bags,papers,etc. to attract customers,as example other competitors buys stock of products from wholesalers pricing 500 BDT (Bangladeshi Takas) and sells for 750 BDT (thence 250BDT profit means 50%), But my plan is to make 30% profit therefore for lesser price I can capture the customers of my other competitors. Moreover I can expand the level of my sales and increase the number of my customers. Then obviously my ambitious business will proceed progressively.

THE QUALITY OF MY PRODUCTS- will be tested by JDPC (JUTE Diversification and Promotion centre, Bangladesh. Also JDPC will provide me raw materials in fewer prices as I will provide them 40% of raw materials which I cultivated on my grandfather’s land in Nilphamari,Rangpur, Bangladesh. To diversify and reprocess and convert the raw material into finished products. Such as: bags,belts,rugs,mats,curtains,sweaters,handicrafts,etc.

Few display of my rare products which I’m going to provide.

Survival of my business; will exist forever as in my country I am going to provide few products which will be only available in my company,such as organic fertilizers, flood rags,etc. Which I found out by surveying the internet that few products are not at all available in Bangladesh but I can produce it within my capability to run my business,also I will raise charity from my business to the poors, Whoever buys any product from my shop 2-4 BDT will go to the Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF), And for the women suffering breast cancer, and people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

[pic] Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibres and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses. Jute fibres are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose (major component of plant fibre) and lignin (major components of wood fibre). It is thus a ligno-cellulosic fibre that is partially a textile fibre and partially wood. It...
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