Investigate a Career: Computer Support Specialist

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Kevin Golchin
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Investigate a Career: Computer Support Specialist
After looking at various jobs, I find the computer support specialist position most interesting. There are many reasons why I think this career is most exciting: the computer support specialist provides technical support, assistance, and advice to individuals and organizations that are dependent on information technology. They can also work in organizations that provide computer systems for computer hardware and software vendors or a third party support services on a contractual basis such as help desk companies. There are two groups of computer support specialists; they are the technical support specialist and the help desk specialist. Work takes place at an office or a computer laboratory, although third party computer support specialists can either spend more time at a client’s work location or sometimes from a remote location. The amount of education to get this job can be from some formal college education to a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, or information systems, although some people may only need a computer related associate degree. The position entails some on the job training, which can last anywhere from a week to a whole entire year, but the training is usually about three months. A few years ago in 2008, there were about 565,700 people that held this job. The job outlook for this career is very promising because employment for this job is projected to increase faster than any average job, and the job prospect is good especially with a college degree. About 18% of computer support specialists can find employment in the computer systems design and related services industry. They can also be employed in various industries like administrative and support services companies, financial institutions, insurance...
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