Investigate the Factors Affecting Menu Design in the F&B Outlets of These Food Courts.

Topics: Food, Cooking, Industry Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Investigate the factors affecting menu design in the F&B outlets of these food courts.

In food court, it have different factors will affect the menu design, for example, food production time, food production, manning and nature of operation.

Food production time
It will affect the menu design, as most of customer normally spends 1 hours or less. If the cooking time too long, that will not have customer. So we cannot arrange the food is need long time to cooking in the menu. In the food court, the major food is noodle, rice, sushi etc. As these foods production time is faster and it can use the cook-chill and cook-freeze.

Food production
In a menu, it have different foods & beverage materials and cooking methods need to different production facilities to making the food & beverages for the customer. In the food court of the kitchen, there not have large area, so it cannot have too large production facilities in the kitchen. In the menu, it only can use simplicity production facilities to food production.

In the food court, the manpower normally has three to four staff and the manpower maybe majority is part-time, they may not have many cooking experience, so the food production process is cannot avoid complexity. Also, when have many customer, they will very hard. So to design the menu, it must cannot choose too complexity of the production process. To design the menu, it should choose noodle, rice or sushi. These production processes relatively simple.

Nature of operation
When to design menu, it must to consideration the nature of operation, as we need to achieve customer requirement. For example, their normally have one hours or less. So our production time must be fast, that they cannot have waiting long time. Many customer requirements are fast and cheap, so the price cannot too high. The cost of the food material also cannot highly and the food production need to simplicity.
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