Investigate Ict Tools to Support Collaborative Working Instant Messaging

Topics: Instant messaging, Communication, Computer networking Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Instant Messaging is a software where you can instantly send messages to someone of your choice on your contact list, as long as they are also online. Also you can send and receive files from any contact on your contact list within seconds. This can be used in collaborative working because it is one of the fastest forms of communication and if you had any immediate ideas you could share them straight away via msn or Skype etc. On these instant messaging programs you can send and share information with each other within seconds of creating it. Instant messaging could speed up the exchange of files or conversations as it would be in real-time. However when you are wanting to exchange files or have a conversation you need to have the person/people you want to communicate with online in order to connect. Chatrooms

Chat-rooms are instant messaging sites where you can connect with any other person you choose who is also online within seconds. This can be used in collaborative working because they are extremely like Instant Messaging, they can send and receive messages within seconds with anyone of your choice. You can chat to anyone in real-time, and exchange files or documents within the chat-room and you could also send it to more than one person at a time as you could do it as a bulk message. With chat-rooms you don’t have a set contact list so if you wanted to communicate with someone you must make sure that you are both online and both in the same chat-room. Online Whiteboard

An Online whiteboard is Like a classroom whiteboard, an online whiteboard is a blank surface or space on which to draw and write. Using your computer mouse as a pen you can write on the blank whiteboard for others to see. This can be used in collaborative working because you can use them to write/draw messages to any other people online, this could be used for collaborative working because any message you want to send you can draw any ideas up or write any messages with your mouse...
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