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  • Published: November 10, 2012
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Coconut Water Wax A Breakthrough in Fruit Preservation

This study utilized coconut water to produce a wax preservative for fruit and other foodstuff. Different fresh fruits were collected and assigned to four different treatments: * Treatment I (Control): fresh fruits without anything done * Treatment 2: fruits soaked in coconut water for 10 minutes * Treatment 3: fruits covered with coconut water wax

* Treatment 4: refrigerated fruits

The fruits used were oranges and other citrus varieties, apples, and papaya. To achieve the most favorable result, the prescribed procedure of making wax was exactly followed by weighing the components to the desired proportions-2000:100:50 [2000 milliliters (m1) coconut water, 100 ml cooking oil, and 50 grams (g) bees wax]. The components were then mixed, cooked, and cooled. Results show a significant difference in the duration of fruit freshness, with the fruits treated with coconut water wax retaining freshness for the most number of days.

The coconut tree has so many uses that it is called the tree of life. Its leaves, husk, trunk, leaves, and meat have diversified uses. Even while the Philippines ranks among the world's largest coconut-producing countries, it has yet to maximize its utilization of coconut parts and by-products. One of the least utilized is the liquid endosperm that is sometimes referred to as "coconut water." This is especially true in the case of mature coconuts. The lack of efficient storage facilities for harvested fruits and vegetables is a big problem for farmers. Because the rapid deterioration of the harvests by small- to medium-scale farmers prevent portions of produce from reaching the market in saleable condition, insufficient storage orpreservation methods often lead to substantial income loss. This major problem of farmers is the focus of this study. To address the problem, the study links the desiccated coconut industry with the rapid harvest...
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