Inventory System Thesis

Topics: Agriculture, Quezon, Tracking Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: January 16, 2013
The Problem and Its Setting
Agriculture plays a big role in the economy of Quezon Province, the land of coconuts. The province has rich land that the natives and investors use for crops and livestock. The land so rich that it produces spick and span crops like rice, corn, bananas, mangoes and different vegetables. The province is not only blessed with land but with aquatic resources as well. Due to the abundance of resources in land and water, most of the natives in the rural areas of Quezon province support themselves through livelihood which concerns agriculture. Today, agricultural technology is widely used in Quezon province to improve its products. This triggered the birth of local agricultural supply shops. There are varied types of products that the said shops offer, products like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, feeds, animal medicine and other tools used in agriculture. These products help the crops and the livestock grow in many ways possible like supplying them with nutrients and preventing pests and diseases. Inventory control requires the tracking of all parts and materials purchased, products processed, and products stored and ready for shipment. Having a sophisticated tracking system alone does not improve your bottom line, it is how you use the information that your system provides. The agricultural supply shop should have an efficient inventory system for the sake of those who are depending on their products. If managed properly, this could result to increased customer service levels. It can reduce the inventory investment and controlling the administration costs within the business. Background of the Study

Parungao Agricultural Supply is located in Sariaya, Quezon. They sell different kind of fertilizer, seeds, insecticides and material that are needed in planting. Having a large and many stocks is very hard to find for a store owner and very hard to locate. A inventory system helps a...
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