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The Problem and Its Settings

1. Introduction
Grocery stores are established primarily for the retailing of food. A grocer or the owner of a grocery store, stocks different kinds of foods from assorted places and cultures, and sells them to customers. Large grocery stores that stock products in their inventory, such as clothing or household items, are called supermarkets. Small grocery stores that mainly sell fruits and vegetables are known as produce markets, and small grocery stores that predominantly sell snack foods and sandwiches are known as convenience stores or delicatessens. Manual Inventory System involves all concerns within its transactions, on how the staff would be able to maintain the current status of their inventory, whether adding, deleting, and ordering a stock, the manual process consumes too much time for the staff and rigid time to process a transaction Every year, the demand for the computer based systems for the businesses just keeps on growing. Companies have improved their old system for ease of work in accessing files and organizing records. Converting their old system into a much efficient computerized system, this will have a great effect on the organization; this also helps ease the work to the staff maintaining the inventory.

This contains the proposed inventory system for the Store. It contains diagrams, data flows and flowcharts that describe on how the system flows. The proposed system utilizes the best way to organize the database type of system and to improve the services of the people involve.

Based on the data gathered from Mrs. Adelwisa F. , manager of the Store , revealed some of their problems on their current inventory system. Usually the employee tasked to maintain the inventory is being operated manually. This is a very confusing process and is very prone to human errors, after observing their regular business operation, we have determined several problems: 1.2.1Is there a user-friendly way to maintain such data? After analysis we deducted that only One (1) employee can manage their inventory system, because of its complicated procedure. Having a more user friendly system will help the other employees to manage such records, provided if the said employee will undergo briefing before taking over the management of the said records.

1.2.2Is there a way to eliminate human errors which may occur in every inventory log? Their inventory log is done manually; therefore manipulating such data can be very confusing and will often have errors, especially on cut-off days, where they needed to input inventory on time.

1.2.3 Is there a way to establish a solid data security from unauthorized access? Their inventory log can be manipulated manually, and can be easily accessed by other employees, thus having a more secure database will give them the proper protection their system deserves.

1.2.4 Is there a way to track inventory stocks automatically and rapidly? Occasionally every store will need to order new stocks of merchandise therefore having an inventory tracking system will alert them on a stock item’s reduced stock limits.


After consecutive interviews and observation, Mrs. Adelwisa F. revealed that their store does not have a reliable inventory system and that their store is actually requesting for an inventory system that will suit their adequate requirements. Furthermore, as for the whole system itself they just do the work flow process, every inventory log and monitoring manually.


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Level 1


1.4.1 GENERAL OBJECTIVES The primary objective of this case study is to create a user-friendly, adaptable, easy to maintain, and efficient...
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