Inventory System

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Chapter II
System Design

Description of the Existing System
The Memory Lane Bookstore is a medium sized bookstore in the heart of Bacolod City. The owners had the idea of putting up this kind of business because they themselves love to read and has collected books throughout their school years. It started four years ago as a simple "pocket book for rent" business and blossomed to cater as textbooks source for various college courses. It didn't stop there as they started stocking their inventory with educational magazines and reference books.

As the business grew throughout those four years, it has started to weigh on staffs and even the owners the difficulty of keeping track of records especially in inventory which is important in making sure that certain books do not go out of stock.

The current inventory system is in manual form. A room is allotted as a stock room which accommodate the bulk of textbook orders. Here, an inventory staff keeps track of the books going in as books are ordered by bulk by the purchasing clerk and books going out as bookstore clerks replenish the display shelves. The store shelves are monitored by the sales staff. If a certain book is fast moving, it will reflect on the manual receipts issued and reported by the cashier at the end of the day. These receipts tells the stock room which books are in demand which will directly affects also the books or items regularly purchased by the purchasing clerk.

The study is designed to arrive with solutions to strenuous conducting of inventory to ease the burden on staffs and promote a more fluid flow of process so they can cater to the clients' needs in lesser time and more accurately.

Narrative Description of the Existing System
1. The books are displayed in shelves by sales clerks that monitor these shelves daily . 2. If a book is purchased by a costumer, it goes through the cashier and a receipt is manually issued by her for every purchase. 3. If a book is out of stock on...
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