Inventory System

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This chapter presents the background of the study, rationale of the study, conceptual framework, objectives of the study, scope and delimitation, significance of the study and the definition of terms.


Amazing and exciting, confusing and frustrating, and above all else, an undeniable presence of life. Love them or hate them, computer is entering everyone’s life. Computers play a big role nowadays in our improving modern time and technology. It makes the user at ease whenever manipulating important files. Thus, everything in this world has changed from simple to the most intricate, where everything is being computerized. We cannot deny the fact that computers have evolved from scientific curiosity to an absolutely necessary tool in virtually all areas of our lives. In a business establishment such as Masuerte Supermarket, computerization of their system will lead them to a well-organized company and suited for future competitiveness. The company doesn’t have an automated system to use for the necessity of an advance file and reports. It takes a lot of reports to produce. This is the reason why the proponents want them to ease their burden. With the knowledge about the computer capabilities, the difficulty of manipulating their files manually will no longer be a problem. With the use of computers, simple tasks can be performed according to specific instructions at such fresh speed at a high degree of accuracy. Only users of large, expensive computer systems could enjoy the power of database management. Data was organized and manipulated as a result, individual and small business benefits from this type of system. Today managing a business has never been easy. Before, business does not need a large amount of capital and can start even without an exhaustive investigation regarding its viability that’s why most number of businesses did not succeed, but now, if someone wants a bigger profit he needs to invest a large amount of capital. Investors should be aware of what kind of business to pursue for it is not only the money that counts but the time and effort they contribute. Like any database management system, this program enables to add and remove certain records that will be useful. It can sort and organized tables, even large ones, in many different ways. Using this system can make their work faster and more accurate.

Background of the Study

Masuerte Supermarket is one of the most successful businesses located at T.M. Kalaw St., Lipa City. In the beginning, Mr. Antonio Recio or also known as “Ka Tony” is a houseboy of a wealthy family in Tanauan and Mrs. Erlinda Recio or also known as “Ka Erly” is a fruit and fish vendor in the public market of Lipa. Ka Tony borrowed money from his friends to start tobacco-manufacturing business, which later on became successful. Ka Tony and Ka Erly went to Magallanes and they saw “Cash and Carry” that gave them an idea to start a retail trade business in Lipa. So in 1976 they borrowed P150, 000 from their friends as a capital to start that business namely “Tagumpay Mini Mart” which means “Success”. Through their honesty, dedication, perseverance and faith in God, Tagumpay Canteen was added. Like their tobacco manufacturing business, Tagumpay also became successful. So in 1994, Masuerte Supermarket was built. After 2 years MS Cinema was added. And this year 2002, EBR-Tagumpay was also built which was named after the late Mrs. Erlinda BA. Recio.

Rationale of the Study

The proponents made the decision to design an inventory system because a lot of current business applications of computerized data processing require the creation and installation of systems involving data storage and retrieval systems. Furthermore, it will lead them to gain mastery of designing systems which involves categorization of massive amount of data and information that would lead them to get enough...
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