Inventory System

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Systems Development Life Cycle, Project management Pages: 13 (1798 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Chapter 1:
Introduction to Systems
Analysis and Design
Key Ideas
* More than ½ of all IS development projects Fail.
* Canceled before completion
* System is never used once finished
* Doesn't provide the expected benefits
* Most of the ones that don't fail:
* Are delivered late
* Are over budget
* Don't provide the features promised
* Many fail because analysts try to build wonderful systems without understanding the organization. * The primarily goal is to create value for the organization. Recent Significant IT Failures

Company | Year | Outcome |
Hudson Bay (Canada) | 2005 | Inventory system problems lead to $33.3 million loss. | UK Inland Revenue | 2004/5 | $3.45 billion tax-credit overpayment caused by software errors. | Avis Europe PLC (UK) | 2004 | Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system cancelled after $54.5 million spent. | Ford Motor Co. | 2004 | Purchasing system abandoned after deployment costing approximately $400 M | Hewlett-Packard Co. | 2004 | ERP system problems contribute to $160 million loss. | AT&T Wireless | 2004 | Customer relations management system upgrade problems lead to $100M loss |

* The systems analyst is a key person analyzing the business, identifying opportunities for improvement, and designing information systems to implement these ideas. * It is important to understand and develop through practice the skills needed to successfully design and implement new information systems. Systems Development Life Cycle

Major Attributes of the Lifecycle
* The project
* Moves systematically through phases where each phase has a standard set of outputs * Produces project deliverables
* Uses deliverables in implementation
* Results in actual information system
* Uses gradual refinement
Project Phases
* Planning
* Why build the system?
* Analysis
* Who, what, when, where will the system be?
* Design
* How will the system work?
* Implementation
* System delivery
* Identifying business value
* Lower costs / Increase profits
* Analyze feasibility
* Develop work plan
* Staff the project
* Control and direct project
Project Initiation
System Request
Feasibility Analysis
Approval Committee
Project Management

* Answer the Questions:
* Who will use the system?
* What will the system do?
* When will it be used?
* Investigate the current system
* Identify possible improvements
* Develop a concept for new system
* Develops an Analysis Strategy which includes:
* Analyze current system & its problems
* Information gathering
* Interviews with users
* Input from project sponsor and requestor
* Leads to concept for new system
* Process and Data modeling
* Models describe how business process will work with the new system

* Analysis
+ System Concept
+ Models
are combined into the
System Proposal
* Decides how the system will operate
* Design strategy
* Design internally
* Outsource design
* Buy off the shelf
* Architecture design
* Hardware description
* Software description
* Network infrastructure
* Interface design
* How users interact with system
* Forms / reports used by the system
* Database and file Specification
* What data is to be stored
* What format the data will be in
* Where the data will be stored
* Program design
* What programs need to be written
* Exactly what each program will do
* These deliverables:
* Architecture design
* Interface design
* Database and file specification
* Program design
Form the System Specification
* The System Spec is given to the programming team for...
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