Inventory System

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Name of System

A Study presented to the Department of Computer Science
In partial fulfillment for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Alano, Romnick B.
Bernadas, Jose
Cruz, Angelina
Leonardo, Ricardo
Pascual, Regine
Santos, Mark Joseph

I. Title Page
II. Table of Contents
Chapter 1.The Problem and It’s Background
a. Introduction
b. Significance of the Study
c. Statement of the Problem
d. Statement of the Objectives
e. Scope and Limitation of the Study
f. Definition of Terms
Chapter 2. Review of Related Literature and Studies a. Conceptual / Theoretical Framework of the Study
b. Review of Related Studies
c. Review of Related Literature
d. Synthesis
Chapter 3. Research Methodology
a. Design of the Study
b. Research Methods
c. Respondents of the Study
d. Statistical Treatment

Appendix AData Flow Diagram
Appendix BGantt Chart

Chapter 1: The Problem and It’s Background

The Shumaipao Company is founded by a businessman Mr. Arjuna Yoganandan and his partner and girlfriend Ms Maria Paz Francisco. The two meet each other in a hotel as Mr. Yoganandan is setting a business here in the Philippines and decided to establish a food business as Ms Maria Paz have experience in handling food business. The first product they come up is squid balls and kik yam. Then one of their friend suggested that they establish a Siomai or Siopao for a product, but the cost of that product is too high and they are not assured that it will sell in the taste of the customer. So they rent a small apartment in Quezon City for their workplace and hire an employee and a chef for their recipe and cooking. And then they try to sell Siomai and Siopao in their neighbors to test if it is going to sell in the taste of their neighbors, and then they try it selling it in other customer and they like it. Then they try to expand its demand by advertising in the web and also in newsprint. And many customer like it because their product is cheap and delicious. They establish a kiosk in the market, malls, and department stores and even schools. And they franchise the product and create a product like Polvoron, Pastillas, and Leche Flan. Now they are still enlarging and expanding their business and advertising their products for more profits and income and hire more employee. As the business grows, the manual inventory system should be refined, therefore the researchers of Norzagaray College are enhancing the system to a new and better one; This system is easy to use and understand by the user, and the function of this system is to keep the Customer profile, Customer order, and the Product list. The system aims to help the personnel who are in needs of updating their inventory in daily basis. In doing this inventory in a traditional way of recording the files, filing and accessing the records, it takes a lot of time and effort to find a particular data or sheets you needed. This system will help the person in charge in getting the updated inventory in a short span of time. It also helps them to minimize their workload. The system was design in order to build a new system that will help the Shumaipao Company to organize their files easily.

The Shumaipao Inventory System will help the Shumaipao Company for its transactions and keeping track of its sales and stocks. The system made easy for the inventory personnel/owner to use and save time. The inventory personnel/owner won’t have a hard time for updating/recording their daily inventory basis. The personnel/owner can easily print the files that he needs. The system will provide reports of the sales in a day. This project will help them to manage their ordering and listing of products in their company and avoiding receipt...
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