Inventory Management Systems

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Assignment 1: Inventory Management Systems

Mondith Sreng



During a conversion at my family dinner my sister mentioned her small clothing store and she also discussed how frustrating it is to manually track and record all of the high demanding items in her store. My sister would like an easier solution for her problem. She decided she wanted an automated system, but she told us that she has a very small budget. So she asked my mother and I for any advice we can give for her store.

I mentioned to my sister that she should try using a Universal Product Code (UPC) which is a great and affordable automated system for her small clothing store. Universal Product Code requires variety amounts of different codes to be placed on all types of inventory, which go together with a bar code that is scanned in and out of her store with a scanner. The bar code consists of 12 numerical digits which are uniquely assigned to each item. This will give her ability to track and record the motion of all her inventory with a simple scan. My sister will never have to manually count through all of her inventory she can simple check system how many inventory she has left by a click of a button.

The necessary equipment my sister will need is a working and reliable computer. The computer could be a laptop or desktop which is up to her preference. I would recommend a Dell desktop they are reliable computers that are used in many large or small companies. A Dell Vostro 260s Slim Tower Desktop computer will roughly go for about $299. They are built to last, easy to configure, and budget friendly also. When my sister has her computer she will be able to purchase software that will help create her unique bar codes. The Wasp inventory software which would allow her to track and check items in and out, print high quality and accurate bar code labels, and also exchange data with external programs. The software only costs...
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