Inventory Management System

Topics: Inventory, Inventory control system, Supply chain management Pages: 11 (3066 words) Published: February 25, 2013

At first we desire to express our deepest sense of gratitude of almighty Allah.

With profound regard we gratefully acknowledge our respected course teacher Abrar Ahmed Apu for his generous help and suggestion to prepare this report during class lecture. He issues much an inspiration and guidance to us that we are, short of words in expression our gratitude.

We like to give thanks especially to our friends and many individuals, for their enthusiastic encouragements and helps during the preparation of this report us by sharing ideas regarding this subject and for their assistance in typing and proof reading this manuscript.

Once more time to Sir, we owe more than we can mention……mostly for teaching us to see the silver lining in every hard work

Letter of Transmittal

4th August 2012
Abrar Ahmed Apu
Assistant Professor
Daffodil International University
Dhanmondi-32, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of assignment on “Inventory Management System”

Honorable Sir,
This is our pleasure to submit this study on “Inventory Management Sustem”. We have done our level best to complete the report in time and with the quality of our expectation. The whole experience of this report enables us to get an insight about significant of “Inventory”. We have really enjoyed during preparing the report. Hope the report will be met your expectation and standard.

We would like to thank you for your supportive suggestion and helping us to carry on this study.

Sincerely yours
Md.Mirajul Islam
ID- 092-23-1465
Section- A (L4T1)
Department of textile Engineering
Daffodil International University

I am students of Daffodil international university in L4T1 and section -A. And we are also the students of the course “Textile production management”. This course mainly depends on different characteristics of the management system by various way also with different Garments Production and their production system, production line, production method, manager etc but my specific topic in here is “ Inventory”. As a student of this course we have got a chance to know about these topics on different garments or industry. And their effect which they obtained after making garments and starting business on world wide market. As the assignment of this course our topic is exactly this. Here we briefly described about this and these are given next……………..

SL.NO| Table of content| Page NO|
01| Introduction| 05|
02| Types of Inventory| 06|
03| Inventory control system| 06|
04| Applications| 07|
05| Fundamental of inventory management and control| 07| 06| Motivation for Holding Inventories| 07-08|
07| Objectives of inventory control| 08|
08| Requirements for effective inventory management| 09| 09| Cost information of inventory| 09-10|
10| The nature and importance of inventories| 10|
11| Function of Inventory| 11|
12| Characteristics of Inventory| 11-12|
13| Conclusion| 12|
14| References | 12|

Inventory management system

An inventory management system is a stock or store of goods or equipments. Generally stock hundreds or thousands items of inventory which is ranging from small to balky equipments or goods in textile industry such as needle, thread, cam, circular machine, accessories, and other backward equipments. Naturally many of the items a firm carries in inventory related to the kind of business it engages in. Thus , manufacturing firms carry supplies of raw materials , purchased parts, and partially finished items and finished goods as well as spare parts for machine , tools and other supplies. Good inventory management is essential to the successful operation of most number of reason. One is the amount of money inventory represent ; another is the imact that inventories have on the daily operations of organization. Some organization have excellent inventory management and many...
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