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This report serves as the summary for my internship experience at Lam Viet embroidery thread division. Enclosed in this report is the brief introduction of the firm, the description of my duties and responsibilities as well as the analysis of the organization. Sample of my major assignment could be found in the appendix at the end of the report.|

Table of Contents

1. General description5
2. Major responsibilities:5
Good practice identification and discussion7
1. Clear work flow7
2. Strong team play8
3. Good leadership10
Major assignment sample: Record for available stock12
Certification of the company and contact details:13


The internship and this following report were made possible by Mr. Tong Van Lam, manager of Lam Viet Limited, and Mr. Tong Van Son, manager of the Thread trading division, who also offered me direct guidance. Thank you for your support and valuable lessons.


This report is the summary of my internship experience at Lam Viet Limited, a small size company operated in the textile industry with specialization in embroidery. The company is located at No. 41 Block 10, Yen Son Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi and is privately owned by Mr. Tong Van Lam. Being one of the major companies in Hanoi which offers outsourcing service in industrial embroidery, the company takes orders from producers of textile products and creates the adornment of colorful threads. The company also receives orders to embroider symbolic badges for special clothing types, such as fashion brand logos or name tags, which are exported to foreign customers.

Since 2011, Lam Viet has derived a small division of thread trading from its original manufacturing unit. This establishment marked the company’s endeavor to vertical integration, by being able to secure the company’s supply of threads itself. Furthermore, Lam Viet has become a supplier of industrial embroidery thread in Hanoi, which uses the cost advantage to compete with other long term providers. A team of employees has been assigned the task of managing and running this division, which located at C33 Department 15 Nguyen An Ninh Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. For my final semester at the University, I was honored to assume the internship at this very division, where I can work in a small team and make contribution to the start up of the firm.


1. General description

My internship at Lam Viet Limited started from December 20th and continues to the time this report is being written. During the first 2 months of the internship, due to the unfinished school work at the University, I was required to be present for two hours per day at the office to complete my tasks. Since February 20th, I have taken the 5 hour shift, started from 9:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 – 16:00 every day.

2. Major responsibilities:
My major responsibilities at the office include the following:

1. Recording data of stockings and sales into the company’s computer system. I have to ensure the correctness of the data so that supply orders can be made precisely in terms of amount and date. I also have to enter the sales figures in timely manner to facilitate accounting. 2. Managing purchases from individual customers.

Apart from major clients who often place their orders in standard forms through email, there are a number of individual customers who visit the office in person to buy the threads. I have been in charge of this group and my specific tasks include: greeting the customers, creating the bills, checking payments and delivering the required amount of stocks. 3. Conducting monthly examination of stocks.

To ensure the recorded data of stocks match with the real amount, I have been required to review stocking once a month, especially on...
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