Inventory Management in Vietnam

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Inventory management in business electronic refrigeration
* In a market economy, if each business unit can exist and develop, they will have to ensure autonomy in their business operations and profitability. If the producers want to implement it, they will pay attention to all stages in order to best meet the needs of society, such as high-quality products, low prices, contributing to the rotation of capital, to ensure the development of the business including inventory management activities. * Inventory management is a quite complicated task, it requires business managers to know the creative application of practical management methods in its business operations. At the same time, inventories include many components with different characteristics, each component has different compatibility with other management practices. Therefore, we do not disregard this activity in the enterprise. * Inventory management in business electronic refrigeration is not in the exception. Inventory management is an important activity in the electronic supermarkets, it ensures the flow and storage of goods to the final consumer, it contributes to reduce the cost of supermarket management in general, reduce production costs, stimulate consumption, inventories ensure the needs of customer, it helps to business in general and supermarkets in particular to avoid the negative impact of the market economy. Refrigeration electronics are the products that consumers demand for quality and variety of models, so to meet the needs of consumers, the reserve is very important to ensure product quality does not decline over time. I noticed the good inventory management will help supermarket supply-demand balance for seasonal items to prevent risks, meet extraordinary market and provide the effective for supermarket. II. RESEARCH PROBLEM AND SPECIFIC RESEARCH OBJECTIVE

1. Research problem
The research proposal studies the inventory management in business electronic refrigeration and factors that impact to the inventory management. 2. Research scope
* Inventory management Theories
* The situation of electronic refrigeration industry at present and relevant issues. III. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
* The research uses secondary data and primary data.
* Besides, the research utilizes earlier research result and database from many other sources to complete the research proposal. IV. STRUCTURE OF THE RESEARCH
* Part 1: Theoretical framework in Inventory Management
* Part 2: Overview of the electronic refrigeration industry and the challenges in Inventory Management. * Part 3: Some solutions to enhance the issues.
1. Definition and role of inventories in the business
1.1 Definition
1.2 The Main Function of Inventory
1.3 Characteristics of inventories
2. Inventory management process
3.1. Inventory management
3.2. The purchasing plan
3.3. Controlling your inventory
3.4. Accounting for inventory
1. Actual situation and characteristics of electronic refrigeration industry 2.1. Actual situation
2.2. Characteristics of electronic refrigeration industry 2.3. Inventory management process of electronic refrigeration industry 2. Inventory management in business electronic refrigeration 3.4. Challenges in inventory management

3.5. Cause of the difficulty in inventory management
* Solutions for inventory management in business electronic refrigeration Part 1: Theoretical framework
1. Definition and role of inventories in the business
1.1 Definition
* The value of materials and goods held by an organization (1) to support production (raw materials, subassemblies, work in process), (2) for support activities (repair, maintenance, consumables), or (3) for sale or customer...
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