Inventory Management

Topics: Industry, Inventory, Ratio Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Textile industry forms an integral part of the Indian economy, with a seven percent contribution to GDP. Now with the introduction of globalization, the textile market has opened for the competition across the globe and the necessity for quality products has emerged. Cannanore co-operative spinning mills was established in 1964 with a capacity of 12000 spindles to meet the demand of weavers in North Kerala.This is the first mill set up in the co-operative sector in the state. The Cannanore Co-operative Spinning mills Ltd; No. F. 1278 is registered as Co- operative society under the Madras Co- operative societies Act 1932. In this report, part A consist of “A study on INPLANT TRAINING “ & Part B consist of “A study on INVENTORY MANAGEMENT” in Cannanore Co-operative Spinning mill ltd. The In-plant training was introduced to have an exposure to an organization. It is done with intention of co-correlating the organizational context with reference to the operational definitions. The purpose of the summer project is to orient myself to practices, followed by an Industry in the light of principles and concepts studied by me during the course. Following is the summery of my execution of the project. The report starts with the detail profile of Textile Industry which is followed by the company’s profiles Cannanore Co-operative spinning mill ltd(CCSM).An insight of Mc Kinsey 7s model is discussed which is also analyzed on how the concept is applied in the company’s various functional areas. Self analysis of the industry with reference of CCSM is discussed on SWOT analysis which gave me a full knowledge about the positive and weak area of the company and further scope for improvement with respect to threat and opportunity. As learning experience, I have summarized my findings and made few suggestions, which would be beneficial to CCSM in the course of their long run . A study on Inventory Management...
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