Inventory & Fixed Asset Management in Hospital

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CONTENTS Content Name Page No 1. Introduction 4
1. A brief overview of the HCMS
1. Advantages to the End Users
1. Organization Profile
2. Goal and Need
3. General Methodology in Developing Software Project 1. Requirement Analysis Phase

2. Design Phase
3. Development Phase
4. Coding Phase
5. Testing Phase

2. Requirement Analysis 12 2.1 Introduction
2.2 Data Collection
2.2.1 Observation

2.3 Software Requirement Specification Document
2.3.1 Introduction
2.3.2 Problem Definition
2.3.3 Hardware requirements
2.3.4 Software requirements 2.3.5 Design Constraints 3. System Analysis 18 3.1 Module description3.2 Feasibility analysis3.3 Studying the existing system 3.4 Proposed system

4. Design Phase 27 4.1 Introduction.
4.2 Flow charts
4.3 Data flow diagrams
5. Development Phase 34 5.1 Features of Java language
5.2 Ms-Access
6. Testing Phase 57 7. Screens 67 8. Conclusion 68 9. Bibliography 70

The main intention of introducing this system is to reduce the manual work at Health center counters. Every sort of task is performed by the system,such as registering different types of persons (i.e employees , students and others) ,enquiries, and complaints etc. reducing much paper work and burden of file storage. Also the latest information is right available for the officials and executives wherever they require. The system also facilitates the pharmacist to enquire about the drugs and about the stock to be ordered and about the expiry date . Where the system must be placed?

There are a lot of benefits to the Health center by placing the system at their registration and at drug store office . At the same time the patients are also benefited using this system. They can get the work done within no time. How to use the system?

Using the system is as simple as using the personal computer. Since end user computing is developing in our country, It is beneficial to both Health center and the patients. Every step is clearly defined and help is provided through out the application to the user. Even the exceptions are handled well to avoid confusion. How is it beneficial to the Health Center?

The heath center can get much out of the system. The system is used to enter the patient details and to enter the details about the health center and the details about the in-patient and out-patient in detail and about the reports of the patients . This system represents the patient by the OP number and this is main criteria how the patient is provided by the free services . The drug information and the specifications is also provided in this Health Center Management System.


To develop a Health Center Management system, we take care of patient registration, drug information and concerns such as drug enquiries and complaints....
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