Inventory Control System and Sophie Paris

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The birth of Sophie Paris is based on motivation. A spirit to break new grounds and to create a dynamic world of fashion. Sophie Paris was created with goods corporate culture, by implementing creativity, innovation and hard work. Good quality, good design and accuracy in designing latest trend fashion products have been our strengths in giving pride and confidence to our Sophie Paris customers. Today they are likely to share their success. Success at Sophie Paris does not depend on capital or education. Rather, success at Sophie Paris depends in the hands of the members, on their motivation, and capability to work hard and to build a strong and active network. This was founded in Jakarta in 1992 by French entrepreneur Bruno Hasson, Sophie Paris has become Indonesia’s favorite success story. Starting from a home-based handbag manufacturing business, it has boomed into the country’s largest fashion company of its kind. With over one hundred thousand active members moving an average of 50,000 products per day, the Sophie Paris mania has remained unmatched. With constant research on the latest fashion trends in Europe, Sophie Paris can only offer the best and most well-loved products designs in the world of fashion. The company has unceasingly become the preference of almost all cross-cultural markets from various income brackets. Creating a culture of entrepreneurship, integrity, recognition and success, Sophie Paris International has commenced with its mission to offer equal opportunities globally, With overseas branches on Morocco, the Philippine, and now in Vietnam. The highly proven Sophie Incentive Plan has produced co many successful stories that are yet to be duplicated in their purest form.

Sophie Paris company uses a manual system in processing reports, updating records, and in making other transactions related to sales and inventory. The company at present does not have any software to help its employees accomplish the sales and inventory report. It only uses hard copies to keep records of the inventory. It is their base record storage but it cannot be avoided that those copies were deteriorate due to unforeseen event. As the proponents have known, records are not yet a big problem for the company because they are not that big and with a single stall. But in the long run it will eventually face problems regarding paper works. One example of possible problems is the creation of reports. If records are lost, reports become incomplete because reports are based on the hardcopies. Creation of reports is very time consuming and takes a hard time to search the records. Another possible problem of the company is the regular checking of the products. Everyday it keeps track of the items and which is likewise time consuming. Manual transactions are prone to inaccurate processing, same with the handling of items and the updating of records. This problem takes a lot of manpower and time. Another problem is the security of data. It is prone to virus and altering threats like unauthorized users. These must be avoided. Hence, these problems as a whole are very serious for the company.

The business process between the supplier and the company is as follows: The manager and stockman will conduct a physical inventory to determine the availability of the products. If there is time, the physical inventory is being done every Everyday. They will conduct an inventory to check if there are items that already reached the critical level. But this process is not always happening. There are times that they only conduct physical inventory on the product after two, three days, one week or more. The salesman or the manager will then prepare a purchase order report for the items on critical level. Then the agent from the supplier will pick up the order list. The returning process is that they keep the product to be returned in a cabinet/shelf and before end of the day they call the...
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