Inventory Control Among Selected Bakeries in Iligan City and Its Effect on the Bakeries System

Topics: Management, Profit, Marketing Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: February 22, 2011
When we encounter the word business, the first thing that comes into our mind is profit. The main reason why people tend to enter into the business world is the fact that it generates good income. Yes, it is much simpler to think it that way but how about the expenses each businesses needs to undergo. One of the main problems in businesses is the cost that they have to endure in order for them to meet their expected profit. Businessman cannot turn away expenses, as what Dopson, Hayes, and Miller emphasized, when you close the doors to expense; you close the doors to profits. Expenses, then, must be incurred, and they must be managed in a way that allows the operation to achieve its desired profit levels.

Business establishments control the cost to assure their future profit, and bakeries are not an exemption. Bakery business in Iligan City is in rapid growth. Many bakeries opened in small corners that offer many varieties of products to Iliganons. Bakeries are one of the most many delicate business. It handles perishable goods that need to be dispersed every day to reduce waste and to earn their daily ideal profit. Management must show its concern for the value of their products on a daily basis and should be made to realize that wasting food affects the profitability of the operation (Dopson

This study aims to look into how the inventory control of the 5 selected bakeries in Iligan City will contribute and help their system and its effect in achieving their desired profit. The 5 selected bakeries will be chosen from different location in Iligan City to establish the variation of the usage and application of inventory control.
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