Inventory and Monitoring System with Sms Notification

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If a man gained profit by selling or buying goods to other people and he turned to it as his source for living. It is called Business. A Business can be in a single proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. To make a business manageable and organize it needs guidelines for procurement, product creation and selling etc to solidify its stand. as a Business grows demands up rises even competition, to compete with rivals solutions are generated to keep a certain company on top of others. Those solutions are quality materials, competitive employee, better understanding of product and today’s best solution is a fit Information System needed by company that will suit its needs in terms of transaction, data sharing and information management just to name few of which an Information System can progressively help a company to be the best among the best. Information System is the new game face in Business without its help a company’s goal and objective will not be met.

Inventory management is the proper monitoring of the company to hold stocks. It can determine the incoming and outgoing of raw materials. It is commonly use to avoid the running out of materials to a certain company. The inventory management is said to be important because it helps to balance the stock of company.

In the other hand, the computerized inventory and monitoring of each company is said to be needed because it helps a lot for the convenient and satisfactory of each company “less job, less human works and most especially less expenditure”.

Inventory is the act of counting the materials or goods in a certain company. It should monitor the in and out of raw materials.

Short Messaging System or SMS was a breakthrough for communication on this new generation. It was an alternative for calls just by simply typing in your message on an SMS capable phone. Today it is used all over the world .is not only for texting your love ones, friends, etc but SMS is widely being used in different ways it’s also a new form of communication of government agencies to the people for inquiry, suggestions, complains and emergency text lines and to the Business world SMS is another asset in terms of mobile transaction. SMS cannot be disregarded it maybe a necessity but sooner it will be a need.

GC Drive Industrial Corporation established manufacturing firm specializing in the design and fabrication of conveying system, packaging machineries and various industrial equipment and all kinds of metal fabrication under the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission. It was organized by team experienced professionals with primary objective of providing customers quality and satisfying service exceeding normal standards with the zero failure.

GC Drive Industrial Corporation looks forward to a new technology as they continuously contribute the Philippine industry to improve their products and to achieve their ultimate goal for economic recovery.

The current scenario of the Warehouse Department of GC Drive Industrial Corporation is responsible for receiving and holding all the incoming and outgoing materials that is being used to a certain project. There are two people who handles the materials in their Warehouse Department. Ever since the Corporation was established, they only undergo inventory once a year to their stocks. The assigned employees manually conduct physical counting of their stocks and that is a hassle to done with this process.

The records for inventory are inconsistent because the materials ordered for a new project, materials ordered as additional or replenishment and on-hand materials are save and inputted on a computer separately.

In connection with the inventory, the company is having a problem of identifying how much cost did the Corporation spent for acquiring materials because prices of the materials often increase or decrease....
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