Inventory and Billing System

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  • Published: October 9, 2011
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At the present time, information technology has conveyed an immense impact in the lives of many people. As time passes by, the use of technology rapidly increased as well as it helps the trends to evolve fast. Many businesses, offices, schools and companies are using technology to make their work easier and less capable of errors. Information technologies which relate to computer applications that enable companies, businesses, school and offices to generate, store, program , and retrieve data as when it is needed. Businesses around the globe have to take the aid of information technology in some way or other to keep them in sync with the market and the world. The information technology role for us, gives a great importance which enables our work to be effectively and successfully plan, manage, execute strategies which lead to advancement.

Moreover, information technology on business is on the rise, as several advancements are focused as to be implemented in various business processes. There are several departments in business organizations that used different computerized systems (such as inventory, billing, payroll etc.) in order to manufacture a well design tools to function in a precise manner, ruling the possibilities of any human error.

As what the proponents have observed, they were motivated to develop a local area network or LAN-based inventory and billing system for Children International, Unang Lingap Kapwa Inc. which will enable the company to improve the way they handle stocks, assets, purchasing and almost every other aspect of the inventory control. It will also help their company to generate purchase orders based on what their costumer needs to complete the work orders. It will significantly cut of the time they need to spend on updating their records.

Children International is a non-profit humanitarian organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Unang Lingap Kapwa (for brevity) is...
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