Invention of the Internet

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Computer network Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: July 25, 2008
According to Wikipedia, an invention is a new form, composition of matter, device, or process. When the Internet was introduced it created a free-flowing stream of information through out the world. It has established a boundless. The World Wide Web has established a new spectrum of opportunity that has become one of the greatest tools to society.

Today, the Internet provides resources and services such as e-mail, online libraries, financial tools, and more. Many businesses rely on the Internet’s aptitude to publicize their products. The companies have made businesses, such as and eBay, a great deal of money. Through Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) a customer can go through a pick what they want without getting out of the house. With access to online services, the smaller companies are able to project to a bigger audience. An individual is able to find almost anything he/she wants or he/she can request anything they want off the Internet. The Internet has helped companies lower costs of their goods across the board. Companies can enter new markets and create new sources of income.

As the progression of the Internet continues, people are bringing entertainment to the world through this information super highway. We are able to connect with people across the world instantly and share all types of media such as music, pictures, movies, and games.

The Internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible series of interconnected computer networks that transmit data. Businesses rely on the Internet in order to provide many services from any location. The Internet is now the fastest growing form of entertainment that we use to communicate with others and share information. It allows people to connect with the world and provides a vast network of information that makes everyday life easier.
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