Invention Essay

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Invention Essay
Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the middle of a huge parking lot with a handful of heavy groceries and the pouring rain splashing down onto your face. You’ve been standing there for at least five minutes and you have been looking for your car the whole time. By this time your bags are filling up with water and are twice as heavy as when you left the store, your clothes are soaked and you still have no idea where your car is parked. Standing soaked, out in the rain with a bag full of groceries does not sound like the ideal way to spend your day, but now there is a solution to this problem. This solution is called “The Apollo Beam.”

The Apollo Beam is a remote controlled high powered beam of light that can be seen from over 150 yards away. The beam of light is produced by “Light-Emitting-Diodes” or better known as LED’s. The Apollo, for short, has a circular base which is eight inches in diameter and mounts on to the top of your car with a high powered suction cup feature. Centered in the middle of that base is another six inch in diameter circular dial which comes standard with three settings. The Apollo comes in any color you want, so long as it is black, however you can choose from a wide variety of colors when it comes to the LED’s. An interesting feature about The Apollo is that the LED’s are aligned in three rows of three and conveniently placed within the dial. You can pick the color that matches your car, your favorite color, or you can even mix and match to create your very own rainbow of colors. This brand new invention only weighs about ten pounds, so it is light weight and easy to install. The Apollo is made of a high quality polypropylene which is perfect for any type weather because it is resistant towards extreme heats, extreme colds, and even wet weather so you never have to worry about it slipping off the top of your car as you drive down the highway.

The Apollo is very useful for many annoying...
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