Invasive Species: Assignment

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Lesson 4 Assignment



Day 1

Pg 139, 3-3A Graphing Loosestrife Growth

Part 1: Choose your graphing method

• Use an excel spreadsheet to plot the graph, cut the graph and paste below.

• Complete the graph on paper, then scan it or take a digital picture and insert the image below. Compress your image. ( Or, fax your graph to your teacher.

• Contact your teacher for help if you have not yet learned how to use these technologies.


Part 2: Complete the What Did You Find Out Questions, page 139

Does there appear to be a relationship between the growth of loosestrife plants and the amount of light the plants receive? If so, then state the relationship.


The five areas where the data were collected were close together. What abiotic factors in these areas would be the same?


Why is it important to the study that these abiotic factors are the same in each of the five areas?


Day 2

GOERT – Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team , page 143

Use the following website to answer the questions below.

Describe what a Garry Oak ecosystem is?


Why are they important?


Where do they exist?


Why are they disappearing?


Invasive Species, provide one or two examples of each:

|Type of Invasive Species |Example 1 |Example 2 | |Plant | | | |Vertebrate | | | |Invertebrate | |Only one example available (...
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