Invasion Privacy by Technology

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The Diminishing Privacy by Technology
People use computers on a daily basis. They are a familiar modern convenience that employers and households are accustomed to. While they offer a wealth of services that make life much easier, many may not fully comprehend that paying bills, purchasing an item, or even applying for a job on the computer may put their privacy at risk.

Numerous hours are spent online everyday to shop, send emails, pay bills, download music, and the list goes on and on. Social networking sites are another internet obsession. They allow one to post and view what is going on in the lives of friends and family. It also allows others to watch and be aware that houses are vacant or someone is alone. Publicly posting this information makes for easy prey and many may not realize their safety is at risk.

Often time people are cautious about what type of identifying information they provide online. Although numerous sites request information such as an address, Social Security number, or date of birth, many are reluctant to provide such information. According to a survey sponsored by TRUSTe, executive director Susan Scott indicated that, “41 percent of respondents would quit a Web page rather than reveal any personal information about themselves” (442). Is it the “s” at the end of http in the browser that gives reassurance that it is safe to provide a Social Security number and any other personal identification needed to apply for that credit card or loan? Even though the information is supposed to be secure, it may be captured and used by more than just the lender. Others may gain access to the personal information that was provided using it for their benefit and causing an adverse effect on someone else. When this occurs, it is known as identity theft. Take a situation where a debit/credit card to a checking account was used to make a purchase online. Eventually that card is cancelled and a new card is issued to...
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