Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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  • Published : February 6, 2006
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People aren't always looking to tell the truth. That, or people say things to try to avoid the truth, and lie to others. The reality is that it happens every day, the hypocrisy of life. The 1950s film The Invasion of the Body Snatchers happens to be the everyday life back in the time, with a twist. The average townsfolk seem to be changing, and it could be for better or for worse. People in the town say that they will help their close friends, but decide to help others and ignore what they promised. This can happen at any time, and when it happens in times of need it's heart breaking. People who have fallen in love even go against their words, and it turns the other against them. It can leave people alone and lost. The truth, it seems, doesn't exist.

Times can be tough. People can't always handle things themselves, and a lot of times could use help. Referring to the film, Jack is told by Miles to go and get help when they discover the seed pods for the aliens. Jack leaves, and Miles and Becky become the two people left that haven't been taken over. Eventually Jack returns, but they find that he has betrayed them. He had allowed himself to be taken over by the body snatchers, and wanted them to become one as well. Jack and Becky feel like crying, because they knew a friend had ignored what was needed most. Nobody can seem to infer why people would ignore the wishes of others. The theory of being a hypocrite here shines. Lying may come one direction, but flat out not doing what you're wanted, or doing what you don't want to, is just wrong. Times of need are especially confusing for friends. The trust and bond is broken, and people feel that something has gone extremely wrong. Others might feel that their friends aren't even trusty, and the actual truth comes out…

But then, what about those that have fallen in love? Their own words and wishes are gone against by possibly their own worse enemy, which would be themselves. After Becky and Miles...
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