Invasion from Outer Space Essay

Topics: Dust, Critical thinking, Outer space Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Bell #1
Von Bell
Professor Gayla Bell
English 101 Expository Writing
September 6, 2010

Invasion From Outer Space
This story was a very interesting one to read, filled with numerous morals and themes, which express human nature, our environment and American culture and more complex ideas enclosed in the text. The story ends awkwardly and leaves the reader clueless about what happens in the future. Questions pop up like, does the dusts multiply? Does society find a way to get rid of the yellow dust? Readers must draw conclusions or use critical thinking skills about the how the ending is played out. It is also interesting how the author titles the story “Invasion From Outer Space” but no blood-shed, no attack, and no explosions, no immediate damage is done. At the end of the story the author states “it’s really quite peaceful, in its way.” Looks can be deceiving; one could describe the dust as a silent assassin, this exposes American culture as somewhat brainwashed from television and movies and other forms of entertainment that something bigger and dangerous should emerge, blinding them from the true and real danger from the dust.

The dust was just a unicellular microorganism and nourishes itself through photosynthesis. The substance multiplies rapidly and appears to be harmless. Harmful it is. Did anyone think about the dust continuing to multiply to fill the streets, houses, towns, cities, states, and bodies of water, countries, continents, and eventually the world? The world would be filled with this mysterious yellow dust, slowly suffocating all living life on the planet. The story relates this to the pollution of our planet as well. As in the story most people sit back and watch as the dust takes over, hence most people in our planet sit back and watch pollution worsen. It is all talk no action in American culture. The people speculated and wondered if something greater would happen not understanding what threat the dust is. The dust is...
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