Inuit of the Arctic

Topics: Inuit, Arctic, Cultural anthropology Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Latonya Ford
ANT101: Introduction to Anthropology
Assignment 1 Week 2
Colin Garretson
December 3, 2012

The Inuit of the Arctic

In the Arctic, under cold harsh and bare conditions, the Inuit people resided. To survive the thirty degree Celsius the Inuit have adjusted their life in the way of clothing, shelter etc. http://www.nativies of Canada The native animals of the land and water are not just killed for food, but are used for clothing to keep the Inuit warm. The animal Caribou is used for its hide. It is the main material used because its hollow hair traps air, which is an excellent insulator. http://www.natives Since the caribou moves from one place to another each year, the Inuit would eat fish, walrus, seal, musk-ox, and whales. However, caribou is the main source of food. One caribou should feed fifty to a hundred people, and last throughout the winter. They use parkas for face mask winter pants and mittens. All these things are vital if they are to survive the cold winter months. Their boots are made out of seal skin. They used two layers, one of which is removable. They remove the outer layer to adjust to the summer climate. The Inuit use igloos as their main source of shelter. With another skilled person, an igloo can be made in under an hour. The snow is a natural resource for making an igloo, it is warm and a great insulator. Seal fat is used to fuel oil lamps to keep them even warmer once inside. In the summer they use tents made from animal hide. Can you imagine living in a small ice shelter insulated with the skins of seals? Can you imagine moving from one place to another when the seasons change, only to leave the home you built behind? The Inuit have little time for personal possessions. They live in a marginal environment throughout the arctic and subarctic. A marginal environment is described as a place where it is impossible for individuals to cultivate food due to environmental hindrances. The Inuit is a...
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