Introversion and Extroversion

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  • Published : September 7, 2008
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It is quite difficult to be able to strictly define a type of personality. Because each and every one of us is distinct and unique, we all have different personalities—different interpretations. The best we can do then is to describe a characteristic with as many adjectives or what-not’s. Introversion is the same. One of the more prominent figures who studied introversion and extraversion is Dr. C.J. Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who has been known for taking unique approaches to his studies. He says that introversion or extraversion is a product of the combination of the five factors namely: intellect; disposition; temper; temperament; and character. These factors are all independent of one another and the combination of each one constitute to a certain personality. He then identifies introverts with William James’ tender thinkers and extroverts as tough thinkers. He then paints a clearer picture:

“…introverts are rationalists and system-makers, who care little for facts and forcibly fit data into their ideal constructions in accordance with their a priori premises; [the] extravert, on the other hand, cannot construct a system, is interested not at all in the inner life of man but only in objective facts, is positivist, determinist, fatalist, irreligious and skeptic.” Jung’s description may be overbearing or presumptuous. But it gives us a more definite idea who introverts and extraverts are. From the citation above, we find that in terms of intellect, introverts are more likely to think rationally and create systems. In terms of disposition, they are accepting of what they had learned or had been taught in the past. In terms of the last three, they have difficulty exercising direct personal influence. They are absorbed in themselves and lack enthusiasm. The extrovert is said to be “interested only in the outer world, the introvert is said to shrink from it”. 1 In other words, extraverts are those who tend to live outside of themselves, whilst introverts find...
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