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De La Salle University- Dasmarinas
CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction How many times have you been in an awkward social situation where you find your face beaming red? How did you react in that situation? Did you want to run away and hide? Picture yourself in a public vehicle sitting in a seat all by yourself. A lady gets in the public vehicle and sits beside you and starts talking to you. How do you respond? Do you just smile, nod, and look away? Many people in Today's society struggle with the problem of being in a social situation, and not knowing how to act. This problem could be due to a person's personality.

According to Ewen (1998), introversion is one of the main personality components. It is the inward flow of libido toward the depths of the psyche. It is characterized by shyness, inscrutability, a particular interest in one's own

subjective world, and idiosyncratic behavior. For introverts, anything to do with people, expression of emotions or openness puts fear in their bodies. Introverts stray away from having to work with other people on a task/job and prefer to work alone. All parents want their children to be outgoing and have many friends. For some people they just feel more comfortable being by themselves. According to psychologist Silverman, "It is actually healthy to be an introvert. The only unhealthy part of it is denying your true self and trying to disguise yourself as an extrovert"


De La Salle University- Dasmariiias
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CIHM seeks to contribute to the progress of tourism and hospitality industry in the Philippines, particularly in the fields of hotel and restaurant as well as travel and tourism. True to this aim, the College is committed to produce competent, confident, and globally-competitive professionals. Being the pioneer College to focus on the field of tourism and hospitality in the CALABARZON area and as a reflection of the Lasallian values, it aims to assist in the...
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