Introductory Speech About "This I Believe"

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  • Published : October 25, 2011
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InCRS 325 Introductory speech “This I believe…”

I believe that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Everyone experiences hardships at least once in a lifetime and there are many different ways how each person deals with those hardships. For example, some people just give up because they think they cannot do anything about it and some people keep try to work in a way so they can overcome the hardships. I understand that there are some situations that many people just can’t do anything about it such as family or close friend’s death, loss of job, loss of money, etc. Usually, when people face these kinds of hardships, they tend to give up on their lives because they think there is no hope in their lives any longer. However, I personally believe that everyone can overcome these hardships even though it requires some time if they believe in themselves and don’t give up.

For example, I saw many people around me who suffered from diseases such as cancer. Personally, I don’t understand completely how it feels to live time-limited life, but I am sure that they all experienced a lot of hardships when they first found out about their diseases. However, there were people who believed in themselves who thought in a positive way that they can be and will be cured soon in the future and saw miracles happening in their lives. If they didn’t believe in themselves and thought they cannot be cured, miracles would never happened in their lives. It is very important to not give up if they fail at first try because it requires time and effort in order for good things and miracles to happen. I learned from them that there is nothing impossible if people believe in themselves and keep try until they reach their goals.
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