Introductions to an Essay

Once upon a time in a far, far away place there lived a family called the Wrights. The Wrights were a very happy family and their happiness showed all around them especially in their home. They lived in a gigantic green and white house with a beautiful picket white fence all the way around it. Lined up gracefully on the freshly cut grass were rainbow coloured flowers which birds would chirp too every sunny morning. In the streets, the sounds of children playing filled the air with the warm family-like feeling.

One Saturday, my sister and I decided we would throw a party without our parents knowing. We had to choose a place that no one knew to have the party in. Down the street from where we lived was an old haunted house where almost no one ever went. We thought that it would be a great idea to have the party there. Susan, my sister, and I thought we should go and check the haunted house out and see what it was missing for the party. We had to go at a time when our parents would be asleep. Walking down the street at 10 pm with the rain pouring down our faces was a bad idea. We were both afraid of the dark but we had no choice. As we were approaching the house we began to hear all sorts of things. The gate that led to the front door was broken and had pieces of cloth stuck to it, as if someone was running away and their shirt got stuck on it. As we let go of the gate it made a loud squeaking sound which caused bats to fly all around us.
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