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Topics: Human resource management, Learning management system, Talent management Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Learning, training and development of employees is vital in today’s organization to ensure long-term competitiveness, excellence, quality, flexibility and adaptability. There are several reasons why organization train and develop their human capitals. First, training and development is inextricable from performance management in an organization as to maintain well performance and seeking improvement. Secondly, it can increase employee competencies and versatility to involve in various tasks and broader job scope by developing their knowledge, skills and ability. Thirdly, training and development enable employees to cope with daily workloads as well as managing their stress. This helps to foster employee motivation and job satisfaction. Training and development system is crucial to plan and observe employee training, career development and evaluating employee’s performance. The data from training and development helps to analyze employee career development. Human resource officer can recommend a training programs and periodic performance appraisal through analysis of training and development system. Typical training and development system generally consists of components such as employee personal information, performance before training, training course, training transfer and program evaluation. Training and development system aids in recording all the information that related with purpose of employees training management. Effective training and development system functions as human resource information storage system where the system recording and storing human resource information related with training. With the available employees information from well-designed training and development system, new position can be filled efficiently. Well-managed training and development system allows employees to see their performance before and after the training. Systems Model of Training and Development

Systematic training and development system usually...
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