Introduction to J. Sainsbury Plc

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  • Published : September 29, 2008
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     Company analysis
    Comparative analysis
     Financial Ratio Analysis
    Gearing/Financial Risk
     Evaluation of Financial Analysis
The objective of financial reporting/statements is to provide information about the reporting entity’s financial performance and financial position that is useful to a wide range of users for assessing the stewardship of the entity’s management and for making economic decisions. This is a report on the operations of J. Sainsbury Plc and Tesco Plc, and will focus on a financial analysis and comparative analysis, from which an evaluation will be drawn on to determine which of the two companies would seem to be a more viable investment to a potential investor. ...      Aims and Objectives The main aims of this report is to make a recommendation based on a financial analysis of J. Sainsbury Plc and Tesco Plc for the potential investor of which of the two companies to invest in. As a potential investor this report will be very useful to help determine whether or not to buy shares in the business, and it could also be used to indicate to current investors whether to hold or sell the shares they already own. ...      Methodology The main source of information for this report was secondary research as the information was gathered from the annual report and financial statements of companies, newspapers, websites, books (literature). ...      Brief Overview Sainsbury

Sainsburys was founded in 1869 by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury. ... It was so successful that further branches were opened in other market streets and by 1882 they produced the first Sainsbury brand product. ... The Sainsbury group today is one of the worlds leading retailers (3rd in the UK), playing a part in the lives of over 11 million customers a week and as at October 2003 had 512 stores throughout the UK employing over 145,000 people. ... Sainsbury’s is best known as a supermarket retailer. But it has a series of other...
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