Introduction to World Religion

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Introduction To World Religions
What is Religion?
A system of beliefs and practices (are put to organize life somehow) that attempts to order life in terms of culturally perceived ultimate priorities. (example: in some cultures something are important, but it not might be important in our culture) Religion talks about-( how we care/ how we don’t care. etc) Adherence-(we stick to these things) to a set of believes or teaching about the deepest & most elusive-(hard to define/express/perceive/understand) of life’s mysteries. Religions helps to explain mysteries. (example: pray to sun. etc) A Set of Beliefs

Existence of a higher power, spirits or God (something greater) an explanation of the origins and purpose of humans and their role on earth (example: why are we here? What purpose? etc) involves rituals, festivals, rites of passage-(some kind of ceremony to go to the next level-come of age) and space-(religious landscapes) 3 Classifications of Religions

Monotheistic religions- worship a single deity.
Polytheistic religions- worship more than one deity, even thousands. Animistic religions- belief that inanimate objects possess spirits and should be revered-(respect) What is Religion?
Much about religion appears to revolve around
a person’s attitude towards life. (can be collective or individualistic) •the universe
and what is more important to a group of people.

Defining Religion
A complex and diverse cultural phenomenon.
Multiple basic characteristics rather than simplifying religion to just one or two. It is important to recognize the diversity of religion.
Non insisting that all characteristics be met in order to qualify as a religion. Most commonly recognized religion- like Christianity or Hinduism will have all of them. A few religions and a few manifestations of common religions will have 5 or 6 of them. Characteristics of...
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