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Introduction to Utp

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3) a) Physical layer b) 100base-TX shows that it is a baseband transmition. It has 100 Mbps of speed which is usually the speed of the NIC and switch port and the T shows UTP wiring used c) Baseband injects the signal into each transmition medium. Broadband transmition sender transmits signal in radio channels d) Baseband transmition is cheaper than broadband e) This implies that NIC's and switches can do autosensing. So if 100BASE-TX detects 10BASE-FX at the other end it can slow down its speed to 10 Mbps f) Slowing down of the speed of the physical layer to accommodate to the speed of a detected switch or NIC g)100 Mbps Ethernet standard is Ethernet standard h) 100BASE-TX i)gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-x j)10 GBASE-x and 40 GBASE-x

4) a) When 2 or more trunk lines connect a single pair of switches using the 802.3 standard. This is used to increase Ethernet transmition capacity by less than 10. b) Because it is less expensive and usually increments by a smaller factor of two or three instead of 10. c) Cost wise it may be better to implement a 10-fold increase in capacity instead of link aggregation.

7) a) synchronizes receivers clock to senders clock. b) Ethernet address are at the MAC layer so they are called MAC address. They are also called physical address because physical devices implement Ethernet at the physical, MAC and LLC layer c) Divided the 48 bits in to 12-4 bit units called nibbles, convert each nibble in to hexadecimal symbol, then write the symbol in to 6 pairs with a dash between each pair. d) the data filed e)LLC sub header and the encapsulated packet. f) describe the type of the packet contained g)IP packet h)1500 octets i)The sender adds the PAD field j) No k)6 octets so that the total data field is 46 octets l) 0, since the data filed is more than 46 octets long no PAD field is needed. m) It permits error detection by recalculating the binary number in the field if it's incorrect n) The receiver discards the frame o) C2

8) No...

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