Introduction to Ubod

Topics: Coconut, Supply and demand, Marketing Pages: 46 (14458 words) Published: April 14, 2011
Rationale of the Study
The coconut tree is classified under the palm family, Palmaceae, the most useful of all trees. The scientific name of the coconut palm is “Cocos Nucifera” with botanical name of “Arecaceae”. The term coconut refers to the fruit of the coconut palm.

Through time, it has given mankind myriad of uses and benefits from its roots to its trunk and leaves, rightfully earning the very popular universal name “Tree of Life” as considered in the Philippines. It has been called “Mother Nature’s Gift to Man”, “Tree of Abundance”, “Tree of Heaven”, and “Wonder Food”. This appellation is extremely appropriate since the coconut supplies most of the needs of man.

Philippines today is the top exporter of coconut products – about 64% of the world’s copra and coconut oil. Although we are exporting these products, many parts of the coconut are still patronized by the Filipinos like the roots, leaves, trunks, water, flowers, husk, meat, shell and even the heart of the coconut palm or what is commonly known as “ubod”. It is the innermost pith of the coconut trunk or also known as “palm-cabbage” or heart-of-palm. Coconut palm hearts are nourishing and are regarded as good for digestion. It is rich in calcium, riboflavin and niacin. It is eaten as vegetable. It is sometimes referred to as the “millionaire’s salad” and served in many appetizing ways. Coconut heart is considered exotic, nutritious and one of the finest vegetables. It is also used to make coconut pickles, lumpia, ukoy na ubod and other recipes. Cubed in fairly large bits, makes a wonderful addition to Spanish rice, or in their long strips, to Arroz a la Cubana. The most common use of heart of palm is on appetizers and salads.

Freshly harvested heart of palm can also be baked, stir-fried, boiled, braised, or steamed. According to studies, fresh juices from the hearts are used to prevent fever.
Viewing the fact that the availability of fresh ubod is not always accessible and available in the market and its demand is steadily increasing, the proponents decided to conduct a feasibility study on a “Proposed Coconut Plantation for “Ubod” Production and Distribution” to determine its feasibility, marketability and viability. It is hoped that the project, if successfully implemented would provide a new livelihood for the Filipinos and would contribute to the growth of the agricultural industry in the country. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study was intended to determine the viability of the Proposed Coconut Plantation for “Ubod” Production and Distribution. Specifically, the study answered the following questions: 1.Is the Proposed Coconut Plantation for “Ubod” Production and Distribution feasible in the aspects of: 1.1Management

1.4Legal and Taxation
1.6Financial, and
1.7Socio-Economic Desirability?
2.Based on the findings, what recommendations may be proposed regarding the project? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY
There are merits in studying a business because it affects everybody in the society. It is commonly studied in order to become acquainted with effective business practices and to gain knowledge and develop wisdom about business matters. Careful judgment and decision making must be undertaken to rule out the possibilities of misspending and risk of failure.

The study should not only be concentrated on its workability and viability but also on its impact to the different parties interested. This would provide several benefits to various sectors including the following: Proponents

As they say, “experience is the best teacher”, conducting this study has shown the proponents a glimpse of what a real business is. This will not just serve as a partial fulfillment of their course requirements but also an avenue where they can apply their knowledge acquired in accounting and other related courses. In addition, this will also boost their self...
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