Introduction to Thesis

Topics: Smartphone, Android, Mobile operating system Pages: 6 (2205 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Today’s society belongs to the information age where information is considered to be a valuable asset with this, different technologies are made so as to ensure the proper handling of information. There are databases and computer to name a few. The above-mentioned however are bulky and thus, their use is limited to offices and/or house only. People nowadays need to get and manage information whenever they want it. This is why, handheld devices or smaller versions of database and computers are developed. Mobile class records belong to this category. Android Mobile phones are increasing in popularity, not solely for business and personal but also for educational use. At all educational levels, android mobile phones are being use in the classroom to increase student’s organization, fasten collaboration, and maximize portability of technology. The teacher, being one of the major sources of information has to make sure that the pieces of information they impart and handle are systematic and organized. They have to strictly record attendance and monitor the performance of their students. Proper classroom management is therefore very vital to a teacher. Not being able to do so will greatly affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the teacher which would, in turn, somehow damage to the development of the student. Having mentioned the potentials of Android mobile phones, it can largely be of help to a teacher. Its portability will help a teacher manage the class efficiently wherever, in a classrooms particularly, which would guide him to efficiently manage in class. In relation with this, this study aims to develop a Mobile-based Class Record to guide teachers for effective and easier classroom management. Project Context

Mobile based class record is an electronic grade system that is designed to replace the traditional paper-based methods of managing grades in the school system within the Philippines. With today's rapid growth of information technology, the system capabilities will be endless. The new system provides many features that assist teacher’s record and manage students' performance assessment. By using a smart phone, teachers are capable of entering and processing student grade data into their electronic grade sheet at anytime and from anywhere. A survey was designed and conducted to assess and measure the usefulness, usability and effectiveness of the software. The results of the survey have shown that the new tool is very useful, easy to learn and use, and effective. The Internet has significantly changed the way we live, learn, work, and communicate. In today's digital information age, where e-education, e-business, e-commerce, e-government, e- communication, e-banking, e-entertainment and other forms of electronic services are growing and becoming more and more mainstream, all of these services share two common technologies; the Internet and mobile telecommunication which are used as a platform to deliver the above services. The Internet has really revolutionized teaching and learning in many positive and effective ways and Internet based education is quickly becoming the predominant technology in education today. The availability of software tools to assist teachers within the Philippines is very rare. There are few applications and services available, but mostly for administrative and personnel use only. The development of the Mobile based class record system will assist teachers in recording student grades and even updating information at any given time and in any given place. The new system will have many attractive features that will be useful and helpful to most teachers in schools. Assessment has always been an important part of a teacher's work with students. By assessment we mean teachers evaluating the work of their students. According to Angelo C. (2000), classroom assessment is a simple method faculty can use to collect feedback, early and often, on how well their students are...
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