Introduction to the Study of the Old Testament

Topics: Bible, David, Tanakh Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Introduction to the Study of the Old Testament

Danett A. Bourgolly

Grand Canyon University

Jim Banktson

July 5, 2009

Module 1 Introduction to the Study of the Old Testament

“A history whose basis is divine intervention by providing truth, The Old Testament has been in existence for over 2000 years and brought about a radical change to history. In order for one to truly understand a book, the author has to have knowledge of or to what he or she is writing about and be able to relay that knowledge through his writing to his reader(s).” (Merrill, 2008)

While the Jews and Protestants have always recognized the Old Testament as threefold and fivefold respectively, the Old Testament is the collection of sacred writings considered by the Jews to be scripture (Torah/Law, Nebi’im/Prophets and Kethubim/Writings) and by the First century Christian church as their source for doctrine and ethics (Pentateuch, History, Writings and the Major and Minor Prophets) and eventually when the New Testament was composed, both together were accepted as the written word of God (Bible, biblion/book).

In an effort to bring lay understanding to what for years has baffled many, let us embark upon a select few events that are listed as major events and eras that took place in the years before Christ.

Major Events of Old Testament History:

Creation - In the book of Genesis 5v3, though this era is generally undated, (McGee, 1998) lists it as happening in the year 3950 BC while lists it as around 4004 BC. After the creation of the Heavens and Earth in six days (Genesis 1v1-2v25) and the creation of the seventh day of rest, the next major era afterwards was:

The Great Flood – (Genesis 7,8 and 11) allegedly happened about 1700 years after creation around 2294 BC as stated by (McGee, 1998) or 2348 as stated by ( in which Noah builds an ark under the direction of God and was instructed to take his...
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