Introduction to the Concept of Motivation

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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Introduction to the concept of ‘Motivation’
According to Greenberg (1999) motivation is defined “as a process of arousing, directing and maintaining behaviour towards a goal.” Where ‘directing’ refers to the selection of a particular behaviour; and ‘maintenance’ refers to the inclination to behave with consistency in that manner until the desired outcome is met. Motivation is therefore the force that transforms and uplifts people to be productive and perform in their jobs. Maximising an employee’s motivation is necessary and vital to successfully accomplish the organisation’s objectives and targets. However this is a considerable challenge to any organisation’s managers, due to the complexity of motivation and the fact that there is no ready made solution or an answer to what motivates people to work well (Mullins, 2002). It is my intention in this essay to explore some issues around motivation and cite work based experiences to illustrate and substantiate any arguments or points of view. Main Body

Mullins (2002) classifies motivation into Intrinsic and Extrinsic types. Intrinsic motivation involves psychological rewards to enhance job satisfaction, such as the opportunity to use one’s ability, a sense of achievement, receiving appreciation and positive recognition or being treated in a considerate manner (Mullins, 2002:P490). Such methods ensure employees are constantly motivated while being engaged in activities that are enjoyable and rewarding. I was formerly employed by a supplier of automobile parts where in addition to using compensation as a means of motivation; they too were dedicated in ensuring their employees had maximum job satisfaction. This was achieved by giving autonomy in their job functions and assigning significant responsibilities, which allowed them to be involved in the decision making for their area of expertise. Pleasant working conditions and annual recognition of the ‘Best salesman of the year’ and ‘Best...