Introduction to the Advanced English Module

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Student Attendance Policy


AThe BUE has obligations to students and their sponsors (usually parents or other family members) to provide a quality educational experience in a supportive learning environment. BStudents have obligations to themselves, their families and the BUE, to ensure that they make best use of the learning opportunities provided by the University so that they may achieve a degree of high academic standing. CIt is widely acknowledged across Higher Education, supported by experience and research evidence, that students who do not attend or participate in classes are more likely to achieve poor grades or fail. This is mainly because students who do not attend will not acquire the added value from their interactions with teaching staff and their peers in discussing and understanding a particular topic. Their absence is also a sign that they are distracted by other issues which can impede their learning. DThe University monitors student attendance in accordance with the procedures below, to ensure that it fulfils its obligations and provides appropriate support to students.

Requirements and Procedures

1 All students are expected to attend and participate in all teaching and learning sessions in order to benefit fully from their BUE education.

2 Students should contact the relevant Teaching Assistant and then Module Leader if they have any concerns about understanding the requirements and/or content of a particular module.

3 Students should contact either their Personal Advisor (for Preparatory Year students) or their Head of Department (all other students) if they wish to seek advice in regard to their studies.

4 Module outlines on e-learning shall specify the core teaching sessions for modules for which student attendance shall be recorded and indicate that non-attendance shall be reported in accordance with paragraph 6 below.

5 Core teaching sessions shall be determined by Module Leaders in...
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