Introduction to Psychology Testing

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Introduction to Psychology Testing Paper

March 5, 2013

Introduction to Psychology Testing Paper
Testing is the way that behaviors and human thought are measured and theories are created. It creates a way for the tester to give a better idea of the person being tested. Tests are being used in official research and organizational settings. Without reliability and validity of testing the test would not be worth it. This paper will define test in a psychological way. It will also describe the major categories of tests and identify the major uses and users of the tests, and compare and contrast the concepts of reliability and validity. This paper will also discuss how they affect testing in the psychology field. Definition of Testing

The word test comes from many different origins. In the psychology field it is said to be a sophisticated way and standard of equals in procedures or the way that creates information about our cognitive ways and our behaviors. A test will measure a small sample of a behavior instead of a large variety of behaviors. The standard for Educational and Psychological testing says a test is a way behavior is specifically evaluated using a standard examination (Hogan, 2007). Categories of Tests

There are five major categories of tests; they are personality, achievement, mental ability, neuropsychological testing and interest and attitudes. Personality testing is created to give information about the personality and is used in a lot of different tests. Mental ability testing is used to measure the cognitive roles like intelligence, spatial visualization, memory, and our creative thinking. Achievement tests are used to study expertise such as math, reading, science, or even exact achievements. These tests are used to compare for similarity in individuals responses. They could help measure eating disorders, pathological conditions and even interests to the human body. Neuropsychological testing is created to help understand the...
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