Introduction to Psychological Testing

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Introduction to Psychological Testing Paper

Ann Bacon

PSY/475 Psychological Tests and Measurements

April 8, 2013
Maureen Clifford
University of Phoenix

Introduction to Psychological Testing Paper

Testing gives us identity and meaning to an unknown territory of human thought and behavior. Testing makes it easier to make an assessment on individuals and their unique imprint in a timely manner. Testing also gives an examiner a clear picture of many characteristics of human thought and behavior. Tests are usually used in organizational and research settings. However they can be used in helping an individual learn more about himself or herself as well as for entertainment. Reliability and validity are the basic elements that give strength and credibility to any tests. This is because without reliability and validity tests would simply be a fascination and no more reliable than a common anecdote. The following paragraphs will further define test as well as identify the major categories of tests. The following paragraphs will also explain the users and uses of these tests as well as the major assumptions and fundamental questions of tests. The final paragraph will further explain reliability and validity and how these concepts affect the field of psychological testing. Defining “test”

The development of the word test comes from the late 14th century old French word for a small vessel used in assaying precious metals (Harper, 2010). Later record show the meaning of tests as a trail or examination to determine the correctness of something (Harper, 2010). Test can also be defined as an evaluation device or procedure in which a sample of an individual’s behavior in a certain domain is obtained and evaluated using a standardized process (Hogan, 2007). However, the basic definition of the word test is a systematic and standardized quantification procedure or device that yields information about a behavior or cognitive process, and measure...
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