Introduction to Profession Engineering: Waste Management in Buenos Aires

Topics: Buenos Aires, Recycling, Design Pages: 32 (11184 words) Published: March 29, 2012
GENG1003: Introduction to Professional Engineering: Argentina Buenos Aires


Argentina has had a big problem since its downfall of economy in the late 1990s. Due to the corrupted Argentinean government taking so many poor ill-judged decisions during the 1990s, the whole society was compromised and most of the middle class people were forced onto the streets. The poverty has risen exponentially since then and the people of Buenos Aires have been forced to take on minor jobs such as working as a waste picker or cartonero which barely get them enough money to survive. According to the Argentinean’s Government website today, there are about 6400 official cartoneros in Buenos Aires, out of which most of them live below the poverty line. The cartoneros usually roam around various neighbourhoods picking up materials from the garbage such as plastic, cardboards and similar materials that can by then be sold to recycling factories. The group working alongside with the Waste for Life organization is trying to help the cartoneros by trying to make something useful out of the recyclables they collect such as the cardboard and the plastic. The Waste for life organization has a machine called a hot press that combines the plastic and the cardboard to make a composite which could be used to various items such as wallets, pen holder, etc. The Waste for life organizations works with the local union of cartoneros in Argentina called a cooperative. The group brainstormed about the various ways in which we could help these cartoneros, and finally decided that we should make a shredder which will help these people indirectly, by making their job a little easier. A shredder would work alongside the hot press to shred the material so that it would be easier for cartoneros to make fancy items out of it. This should help the cartoneros financially and also in improving their general lifestyle.

Many great civilizations have risen and fallen over the millennia. One of the key contributors that allowed these civilizations to evolve from primitive times to become the leading empires and kingdoms of their time were feats of engineering. Innovation is consistent in engineering, and is continuously strived towards by individuals together with companies looking to change the way the masses interact with every aspect of their day-to-day life. As engineering plays a key role in developing societies, it carries a tremendous amount of responsibility, with this responsibility engineers are driven to think with a certain ‘line of reasoning’ allowing them to clearly dissociate necessity from luxury. The report outlined through the following pages deals with the strong concepts of ‘project planning’ as well as ‘prototyping design’. Argentina Buenos Aires, is a country that has endeavoured through two financial crises, the division between upper and lower class has never been so prominent in the history of the nation. What the western nations of the world have become to epitomize as the 'lower class' are defined as "cartoneros" within the culture of the Argentinean people. The project we have devised through the report aims to address the needs of these people, as they are the ones in demand for assistance. Currently, the Cartoneros are either acting as a single entity, or co-operating together in co-operatives. Together as engineers, we plan to create a ‘4.1.3B manually operated shredder’ (Armstrong, Tavner, Togneri, Semester Two 2011), which will be constructed based upon the context of the Cartoneros, solely the ‘co-operatives’. The manually operated shredder will have the ability to cut both the entering and exiting composites, consisting of cardboard and plastics, obtained through the hot press. The proposed manually operated shredder, if used effectively will have a substantial effect to not only the ‘Cartoneros’, but also the extensive population of Buenos Aires, as the system of processing waste off the streets will be...
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