Introduction to Personality

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Introduction to Personality
Dawn Lanaux
Psychology/ 405
September 24, 2011
Christine Rose

Introduction to Personality
The meaning of the word personality has traceable roots to Latin culture. With a similar Latin word persona in the psychology of C. G. Jung the mask or façade accessible with the ability to satisfy the anxieties of the situation, one’s environment and not representing the inner personality of the individual the public personality contrasts to the anima (Collins English Dictionary, 2009). The post modern view or definition of personality is far different then long ago. The integration of personality traits has driven a new view into the human personality. The definition of personality traits is behaviors that observation ensue can and contain a unique aspect of the human personality. The traits will also help a person when establishing his or her place in society. For an example a person would not want to work with a person whom is disloyal and is said to be a lair. People will align themselves with people who have like mind values and traits. Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Personality

Personality theories tend to grow from the content of the theorists whose personality in which the theory is derives from. One must keep in mind that there are five categories that apply different approaches to the human personality. The first Biological Theories. These theories state that a person’s genetics are mostly responsible for his or personality. The recent research has been stating that heritability states the possible connections between genetics and personality traits (Cherry, 2010). The next theory relates to Behavioral Theories. Behavioral Theories states that his or her personality is a result of the interaction with the individual and the environment. Behavioral theorists

Introduction to Personality scrutinize any apparent and quantifiable behaviors, not agreeing with theories that take...
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