Introduction to Optical Camouflage

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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- Abstract

1. Introduction

2. Camouflage

(a)Natural camouflage

(b)Military camouflage

3. Theory of camouflage

4. Optical camouflage

5. How it works?

6. Cloak and its secret

7. Inherent physical problems . With cloaking an object

. (a)Parallax

8. Retro reflective projection.

9. Advantages

10. Technical advantages.

11. Other applications.

12. Conclusion

Abstract :-

This paper describes a kind of active camouflage system named Optical Camouflage. Initially Camouflage is made understood and then the theory of optical camouflage is developed. Optical Camouflage uses the Retro-reflective Projection Technology, a projection based augmented–reality system, composed of a projector with a small iris and a retro-reflective screen. The concept of optical camouflage is straight forward to create the illusion of invisibility by covering an object with something that projects the scene directly behind that object. This system was conceived with the primary view in mind of concealing stationary or moving objects such as men, vehicles, or aircraft from view and has practical military, law enforcement, and security applications.

1-Introduction :-
Various methods have been proposed to integrate the visual space. In the field of Mixed Reality, one of the most popular topics is about displaying a virtual object into real world However making objects virtually transparent, like in H.G. Wells’ “Invisible Man” can also be Seen as dream of human being. In this paper, we describe what could be called a camouflage Technique named Optical Camouflage.

2-Camouflage :-
Camouflage is the method which allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment. Examples include a tiger's stripes and the battledress of a modern soldier. Camouflage is a form of deception. The word camouflage comes from the French word 'camoufler' meaning 'to disguise'.

2(a)-Natural camouflage :-
In nature, there is a strong evolutionary pressure for animals to blend into their environment or conceal their shape; for prey animals to avoid predators and for predators to be able to sneak up on prey. Natural camouflage is one method that animals use to meet these aims. [pic]

(Anolis caroliensis showing blending camouflage and counter shading.)

2(b)-Military camouflage :
These were intended to daunt the enemy, attract recruits, foster unit cohesion, allow easier identification of units in the fog of war.The British in India in 1857 were forced by casualties to dye their red tunics to neutral tones, initially a...
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