Introduction to Network Implementation

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ITS 315: Introduction to Networks
Mazen Alkhatib
December 23, 2012

Network Implementation

Over four months, a very short period of time, a small accounting firm grew from five employees to fifty. The existing network architecture could no longer support the exponential growth. Peer-to-Peer networks work very well in a small office environment. Once the ratio of employees exceeds around five employees resources, file storage and a plethora of other network disasters begin. The obvious solution was to recommend a change. As explained in the proposal the proposed upgrade from a peer-to-peer network architecture to client/server was an imminent necessity. Cable Recommendation

The accounting firm presented with the possibility of moving to a newly constructed office site. The best time to make changes to any network architecture is when planning to deconstruct in one location and start anew in another. There are many different networking and security solutions available for a business interested in starting from scratch. The architectural design of a small business network requires assessments, feasibility and project planning several months in advance. The most important part of a network is the end user and their requirements of its use. Taking into account the pre-requisite of 10Gbps speeds and the location of each office from the wiring closet Twisted Pair Cat 5e Ethernet Cable was the cable that fulfilled the demands. IP Infrastructure

When a company is expected to expand and has a solid steady growth rate it is important to have an IP Structure that will accommodate that growth. IP Structures and IP Addressing schemes can be difficult to ascertain. It is important to have a good understand of all of the different aspects involved such as the differences between Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Static IP Addressing. With Voice over IP curtailing its way up in the internet technology world considering the advantages and disadvantages of its implementation are of grave importance as well. Remote Access

A seamless transition from home to office was requested. After receiving a numberable abount of requests to work from home the organization decided to inquire whether it was possible to implement Remote Access into our current network architecture with little or no downtime and still keep the network free from security threats. A recommended solution of software and hardware for Remote Access implementation as well as a brief introduction to its requirements are included. Network Security: Operation Lockdown

Due to the recent garnering of a government contract from a very secretive agency it became necessary to upgrade the basic network security a higher level. A demilitarized zone is a type of security that provides dual firewall network protection. A depiction of it’s architecture and inner workings is defined therein. Documentation: Network Management Documentation Outline

With all of the changes that have been implemented over such a short time period we have found it necessary to update our Network Management Documentation. An outline of what it will be comprised of as well as management and optimization procedures have been included. Once a network is up and running it is necessary to keep it performing at optimized levels and manage it in a way that is proactive instead of reactive. These types of actions allow for more network familiarity and the ability to make recommendations for upgrades or newer software implementations. Predictability is an important and reliable asset for a large network such as this one.

Module 1
Alicia Wheeler
ITS 315: Introduction to Networks
Mazen Alkhatib
November 4, 2012

Introduction. DW Associates has just landed AWheeler Production and rapidly expanded our company size from five to fifty employees over a four month period. In addition to the professional skill set that each employee brought to our...
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