Introduction to Network Concepts

Topics: OSI model, OSI protocols, Internet Protocol Suite Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Introductory Network Concepts, Network Standards, and the OSI Model

1. There are many reasons for a company to network its computers, some are as follows; Share software, information with others on networks, cheaper than buying individual software and hardware for each standalone especially if the software often offers deals for amount being purchased, e-mail between network users, and flexible access from any computer on the network. 2. Two fundamental network models are peer-to-peer(P2P) or Client/Server. In a P2P network, every computer can communicate directly with every other computer, and no computer on this network has more authority than another. On a client/server network every computer acts as a client or a server. 3. There are 3 types of networks depending on how much territory they cover, they are LANs, MANs, and WAN networks. LAN networks cover a small area like one building or one office. MANs cover multiple buildings like a handful of government offices surrounding a state capital. A WAN network is one that connects two or more geographically distinct LANs and MANs. 4. A server is a computer on the network that manages shared resources. 5. A client is a computer on the network that requests resources or services from another computer on a network. 6. A NIC or Network Interface Card is the device that enables a workstation to connect to the network and communicate with other computers. 7. A NOS or Network Operating System is the software that runs on a server and enables the server to manage data, users, groups, security, applications, and other networking functions. 8. A segment is part of a network. Usually it is composed of a group of nodes that share the same communications channel for all their traffic 9. A protocol is a standard method or format for communication between network devices. Protocols ensure that data are transferred whole, in sequence, and without error from one node on the network to another....
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