Introduction to Nanotechnology

Topics: Nanotechnology, Transhumanism, Human enhancement Pages: 5 (1512 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The objective of this study is to research and discover the development, characterization, and function of nanotechnologies in the globe in the present and future.

In this study, we will defined the basis of nanotechnologies in wide spectrum such as the advantages, disadvantages, background, history, future investigation, society, ethic, environment and many more.

Furthermore, our group would also like to emphasize on the significant cause and effect of nanotechnologies toward the advancement of human civilization in the recent time and toward the future. In addition, create awareness and wide perspective view toward engaging main issues such as moral ethical in our society.
Nanotechnologies have been use in wide field medical, astronomy, environment, industrial and many more. From the way we communicate, to the methods used to diagnose and treat our illnesses, to the speed with which our computers process data, this new technology promises to enhance our lives in almost limitless ways. Therefore we would like to discuss some of the main issue and further permeate in the breakthrough of nanotechnology.

What is a nanotechnology?
In the scale of Nano in the prefix of nomenclature is extremely small, which you cannot see through your naked eyes. Microscope will be needed in order to observe object more clearly. Nanotechnology currently is being used to improve existing products and processes, for an example, by strengthening the material used in golf clubs and bicycle frames, creating stain and water repellant clothing and producing wear-resistant paints and coatings. One developing area in nanotechnology is that of self-assembly, whereby materials will be able to grow themselves. One of my theories that I would like to discuss is about the space innovation. Such innovations will not only increase productivity, but also will create new materials in a process known as “dynamic self-assembly.” The universe is so big that it blows up our mind to try to image how big it is. Human can somehow find a way to explore the universe by the advancement of nanotechnologies. For an example to shoot a robot to a star then it will eventually manufacturing itself and produce much bigger colonies. After a rapid production in certain stages complete civilization. They will often shoot more of them self to other star and repeating process again and again. In the longer term, however, nanotechnology is likely to result in completely revolutionary toward the society. Promising uses of nano scale particles may include the cleanup of heavily polluted sites, which we will have to consider as well. Nanotechnology is more effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases, lighting that is twice as energy efficient as what is currently available, cleaner manufacturing techniques and much smaller and more powerful computers. Research indicates that nanotechnology even may help create an alternative fuel to power our automobiles. In the sum of all our research and study I would appropriately consider nanotechnologies of in fact the greatest tool toward humanity next stages of revolution.

What is the history of nanotechnology?
The term "nanotechnology" was coined in 1974 by Norio Taniguchi (1912-1999) at the University of Tokyo. It includes a number of technologies that deal with the miniaturization of existing technology down to the scale of a nanometer (one-billionth of a meter) in size, about the size of molecules and atoms. Potential effects of nanotechnology include microcomputers capable of storing trillion of bytes of information in the size of a sugar cube; portable fluids containing nanobots that are programmed to destroy cancer cells; and airborne nanobots that are programmed to rebuild the thinning ozone layer and many more. Scientist today have claimed that nanotechnology was in fact humanity greatest...
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